Team Maver Match-Aid

  • By Grant Jump
  • 20 Nov, 2016


 So after fishing every match out of the 21 this year for Dawley Angling society seniors and coming 1st 4 times and was in the top 5 16 times it came down to a 3 point lead for myself against Elliot the 6 time league winner. Knowing it was a river match I knew I would have to step up my game as Elliot has way more river experience. I almost thought I had no chance but due to high river levels the match was moved to stitchley top pool. This is where I thought I was now in the r unning again, after spending all night preparing rigs and bait for the new venue and not sleeping a wink all night I knew today was judgement day. Draw time come Elliot drew peg 7 and I drew peg 11 which I knew this was a good peg for skimmers I was happy with the draw. So I decided to fish 11 meters out on the pole which was a good 12ft deep setting up a 1gr float with 0.11 mainline to an 0.8 hook length to a size 18 hook. The bait for the day was bait tech pro natural and pro natural dark with a 50-50 mix and to this I added chopped worm and caster with worm being my chosen hook bait. Time for the all in after a very slow first half hour myself and Elliot was having duel with a fish a chuck each all was going well until I broke my number 5 section of my pole Aaarrggghhh.....
I decided to chuck a small feeder over the top of the area of where I had been fishing while tried to do a quick bodge repair job on my pole. After telescoping and taping it together hoping it would get me through to the end, I managed to get back out on the pole again and was back at it almost matching every one of Elliot's fish until the last half hour when my swim went quiet and only having two small roach I could see Elliot was still having 1 a chuck and they were getting bigger and better fish. Weigh in time come and I was hoping what I'd done was enough, I knew it was going to be very close. Elliot come first with 19lb 1oz and I come 4th with 11lb 8oz.... yes you've guessed it, it was a draw with 240 points each which I'm told is a Dawley Angling society first as far as they know with me having 4 wins and Elliot having 2 wins i take the title i am also told there has never been a draw on points, I was also told it hadn't been won by a rookie either 😊 . I have achieved my goal from last year I wanted to be in the top 3 I took it and got 1st so bonus!!
Next year I'm going to relax and enjoy my fishing more regardless of the outcome.
I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the year with extra special thanks to Jon Portman Scott Doodson Stephen Brennan Bryn Lamb for helping me with the transition from juniors to seniors I couldn't have done it without all your help and advice and support.


By Grant Jump 08 Jun, 2017
Been to Sayces today for the evening match drawn peg 11 on school bank which isn't the best to be honest, I started my match shallow catching a few roach and Rudd before going on the bottom short where i had been feeding bait-tech 2mm Carp and course pellets and some casters I've switched between my two lines to put 13lb something for a match win
By Grant Jump 14 May, 2017
Today I've fished the open at quarry pool Aston eyre with 17 in attendance I drew out peg 7. I've started off on the bomb with 8mm banded pellet out in front and caught 2 carp in first 30 mins, decided to chuck to bomb to one of the empty pegs to my left where I had been feeding 8mm pellets and caught another 4 carp and then decided to have a go on the pole 8.5mtr out in front which got me another 2 carp. I've then spent the rest of the day rotating between the margin line, 8 .5mtr line and the bomb to the empty peg to my left picking off fish on all lines, only had 2 fish on the waggler and lost 8 carp on the pole.
I've finished up 109lb 14oz for 4th place with 134lb winning the match.
I've been close to 100lb in the past but this was my first 100lb+ weight in a match, chuffed with that.

By Grant Jump 14 May, 2017
Back to Aston today open was on stable and lanta I've drawn 9 on stable started the match off at 14 meters pinging 6mms catching 2 quick carp then had to wait for bites on this line so gone short on maggots catching ide and skimmers but wasn't really getting anywhere so gone back long pinging and caught carp and skimmers steady ended the match with 50lb and 2nd in the match
By Grant Jump 14 May, 2017
Clear waters today drawn peg 27 didn't know what to do started off short on maggots catching the odd roach and skimmer but wasn't really getting anywhere with that line so chucked the bomb and pellet out nothing on that so went down the edge catching 6 carp and 2 ide ended the match with 31lb 2oz managed to win the section and a pound off Ian Ward
By Grant Jump 14 May, 2017
Lodge farm today drawn peg 31 started the match off short on 2+2 on 8mm pellet caught 9 carp in the first hour then went to 14 meters shalla catching steady but having to play with the depth then went down the edge the last 50 minutes catching another 6 carp ended the match with 154lb and 3rd in the match well done to pellet wag master Mark Bexton
By Grant Jump 07 May, 2017
Fished Woodstock today. Drew peg 4. The lake had been fishing hard. I fished the feeder with bait-tech 2mm and a hard 6mm on the hook. Had a few stockies. Then I went long 9n the pole with 4mm bait-tech expanda. I had some skimmers and a 3lb eel. Had 20lb for second with 21lb winning.
By Grant Jump 07 May, 2017
Had a good fishing weekend starting off with maintaining my local lake with the GMAA work group cutting grass and general maintenance. Not just for the Angler' s that fish these lakes but for the wildlife that live there as well. After maintaining the lake me and dad rushed home to grab the rods and have a short 3 hour session on the carp lake fishing the method and pellet waggler with Bait-Tec 2mm pellet and 6mm on the hook. Fished hard but did manage a 12lb 8oz mirror. Toda y fished the Glaston Manor AA match on the bridge water and Taunton canal I drew a nice peg with lots of good features and had high hopes. I started off putting in a lot of bait tec pro natural dark ground bait and chop worm on the far bank. 5 meters out I used mainly maggot and caster. Started on the far bank and I caught two nice perch about a pound each. Couldn't get anymore quality fish so for the rest of the match I caught tiny rudd, roach and skimmers ending up with of 6lb 11oz. I think I finished around middle of the match and hopefully got a couple of points.
By Grant Jump 07 May, 2017
Norwood today drawn peg 9 fished pellets on all my lines couldn't get a bite all match had around a pound until 1 o'clock then I borrowed a rod and managed to catch 6 carp chucking across for 29lb and no where roll on the evening match in the week
By Grant Jump 06 May, 2017

Today I've been to high Hayes farm fishery. I've drawn peg 22 on lake 2.

At the start I've started short on chopped worm and caster which resulted in nothing,I've then chucked out a method feeder and caught steadily on that all day

At the weigh in I've weighed 59lb 10oz which has got me third in the match so not a bad day
Well done to my dad on winning the match with 81lb 3oz

By Grant Jump 03 May, 2017
Last day down at decoy drawn peg 28 on oak kept things simple started off on a top kit catching 9 carp then going to 6 meters catching another 10 carp before going down the edge catching steady for the rest of the match ended up with 166lb 8oz won the match and won the individual event aswell as winning the pairs with Stephen Walker
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