Well when I got to the Mighty River Seven at Ironbridge the river had risen over night but not much colour in it so I was not sure how the day would plan out.

Today I was coaching Josh Stokes as this was going to be his first time on the river fishing with float gear, (proper fishing)

We decided on a peg in the Dawley Angling Society garden stretch on one of the new pegs which to be fair are absolutely fantastic and to make it better there anti slip platforms with plenty of room so well done Dawley AS.

The river was still rising so I did think it was going to be rock hard so a 7 no 4 stick float a 6g bolo and a 4m whip were the order of the day, big trees loads of leaves and other floating debris were a bit of a problem but we started on the stick float and 13ft float rod and it was over to Josh, now bearing in mind he's never trotted a float before he soon got the hang of it, odd fish and losing a better one it was time to go over to the 18ft rod and the bolo but this was not to be due to the conditions but again Josh did very well in casting and feeding and the over all trotting of a big float as he's never used anything like it before but now it was slop n whip time and eventually the fish started to come with Chublets, Dace, bleak and odd gudgeon and with the river starting to rise over our peg it was time to pack up and call it a day, well done Josh fantastic start you took to it like a duck to water so watch out DAS.

The River is starting to come back with plenty of fish showing so get yourself down there and have a go or better still book me for a Day lol

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