Match-Aid Young Anglers


Hello I'm Aidan Williams and started fishing for match-aid just this year in the Junior Angling Trust Nations. I started fishing at the age of six, and got into match fishing at eight years old. My first Junior match was at White Acres, in the Rover Match, during which I went on to win the Junior Section. I currently fish alot of commercials especially my local lakes. I also like to travel to bigger venues which I thoroughly enjoy. Being part of match-aid has really brought me on as angler this year.

James Allen

I've been fishing since the age of 9 and mainly fish senior matches now. I fish all over the country at places like Makins, Whiteacres all the way to Partridge lakes in Warrington. I can fish a wide range of tactics confidently and have shown this throughout my angling career, this has now paid off as I have secured a sponsorship with Frenzee south west

Tom Gaskell

I started fishing at the age of 6 due to my dad, who got me into it as he fished for a team himself. I fished at places like white acres where after my first trip I knew I was hooked on fishing. I then went on to win and frame in a couple of the junior rovers, I also fished at Meadowview after my dad had finished his matches there. After around four years of fishing I took three years out to carry on with my other hobby rugby league. During these three years I heard about the 2014 3 day festival run by match aid and knew I had to be part of it. I then went on to get involved with the match-aid junior team which has helped me as an angler one hundred percent and hope to still be involved with match-aid going forward as what they have achieved in the time it has been running has not only helped me but many other young anglers also.

Brothers Ben and Jake with their medals
Ben now at 18yrs will be fishing the older matches next year. Jake at 12yrs is now following in Ben's foot steps. 2 very keen anglers and began in 2011 at their local club Ramsbottom Angling Association and participate in all their club matches and are present in a majority of match-aid events

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