31/12/2015 Shatterford

 A day out to Shatterford lakes fishing was the order of the day but it started off bad with Steve Stokes hitting a pot hole and blowing his tyre and to top it off we could not find a cafe for the all important Breakfast but eventually we found a Spoons in Bridgnorth so with a full belly it was off to the fishery and Erics lake, the day started nice and bright but it was soon to turn nasty with rain and strong winds. A pole was set up at 13m and at 6m and that was where I was... going to stay, started on the 13m line with a 2g Preston PT series 6 0.13 to 0.10 powerline and a 18 Preston 434, it was about 14ft deep and there I put in 6 jaffa size balls of Sonubaits Supercrumb Black and Supercrumb River as the river would help bind it more to get it down and full of chop worm and casters. Started catching a steady stream of roach and then a few bream and skimmers.

 While fishing that line I feed the 6m line with just casters which proved to be a winner in the end as most of my best Roach came from that line 5ft deep in 10 ft of water, 1lb plus roach and hybrids while putting in 10 casters every chuck but the weather took a turn for the worst and chucked it down for a hour and the wind made life difficult, in the end it cleared and Grant Albutt came down to see how we were getting on and was kind enough to bring the Quad with the Trailer to take our tackle back to the cars.

 All I can say is this is a fantastic venue and the silver fish fishing is some of the best to have with a massive head of roach, bream and hybrids and the carp boys were catching well with plenty of high doubles coming out and a few cats being hooked and lost. So get yourself down there and have ago as you won't be disappointed.

 Thanks Grant Albutt for a great day and I'll see you soon, and I think Josh Stokes will want to get back there asap as he loved it, well done Josh nice net of fish

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